Intimate Moments

Friday evening was a very busy and fun evening.  I decided to go 3 Forks for a glass of wine. Well, I ended up drinking 3 maybe 4 glasses before it was over.  I became engaged in conversation with a older guy who had younger date.  He was old enough to be her grandfather.  It was evident that he is the sugar daddy for several younger women.  But this one, Ashley is his favorite.  He was full of energy and conversation.
With the exception of chatting with me, their eyes remained focused on each other.  They experienced several intimate moments in a crowded bar.  It was fun to watch.  While I was there JP39 text me to meet up for drinks.  We decided in the spirit of Cinco De Mayo that we should go to On The Border In Frisco.  When I arrived, JP39 was sitting at the bar having a margarita.  I was standing there joking with her friend on the phone how I was going to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with a margarita and when Juneteenth comes we’re going to drink malt liquor.  Everyone around me at the bar was laughing.  So on the way to the restroom I met MC31 who was sitting behind us at […] Continue Reading…

Dinner with MC31

Monday I celebrated Cinco De Mayo in a unconventional way.  I had a sushi dinner with MC31.  Yes that’s true, MC31!  I wanted to have a quiet dinner and get to know her.  After Friday night, she decided to go check out my blog.  She has mixed feelings about my writings.  The most surprising thing from MC31 is the apology that I received.
She admits that I didn’t deserve her wrath and anger.  She may not agree with the type of relationship JP39 has with me, but I didn’t do anything to her personally.  I humbly accepted.  It was at this point I began to truly get to know MC31.  First we agreed to some basic terms, always be honest, no off limit topics, have fun and don’t play the20 question game.  The first 20 minutes or so MC31 told me about the last 10 years of her life and some very traumatic events.  I know she’s reading this, so I want to thank her for sharing some of the most intimate details of her life with me.  I must say I’m very sympathetic to the events that have occurred in her life.  There are several things that happened, but the one […] Continue Reading…

Happy Hour at Gloria’s

The weather Thursday, has been awesome in Dallas.  It was a short notice but I decided to meet someone new for drinks.  LL38 is a 38 year old, 5′10″ tall redhead with blue eyes.  She does have a large glowing smile.  She has 2 children, the youngest being 2 years old.  Normally I won’t date anyone that has children younger than mine.  I’m not sure why, but I decided to meet her.
We decided to have drinks on the patio somewhere and Gloria’s seemed to be the place of choice.  When I arrived, she was already there.  She was on the patio at a table with out any shade.  We decided to sit inside at the bar.  This of course allowed me to get a close look at her physically.  Yes she’s tall with a nice figure.  I must say she’s attractive, but the question is what type of connection will we have.  In a previous phone conversation, she told me about some of the issues she’s had with one of her children’s dad.  I can tell she’s some what proud of her being vindictive.  It makes me very apprehensive.  I know that everyone has bad experiences in the past, but that is also a little insight on how she could possibly deal with […] Continue Reading…

Insight From A 24yr old

Saturday night was lots of fun.  I went to Cape Buffalo to watch the Dallas Stars vs Detroit Red Wings hockey game.  Nigel decided to drive from Las Colinas to hang out for a while.  We caught up on the weeks activities and dates.  We decided to leave when the game was over and go toHouston’s.  It was around 930 when we got there, it wasn’t busy.  Houston’s is one of my favorite places to eat and have a glass of Merlot.
Nigel ordered chili and I ordered smoked salmon.  Delicious!  It was about 20 minutes after we got there a tall, young woman sat two seats from me.  Originally, I guessed her age to be 22, but she is 24.  It didn’t take long before I was talking to Kirsten24.  Kirsten24 is 5′10″ tall, brunette.  She has long beautiful hair, great smile and a wonderful figure.  Just for starters, she works in a local hi-end department store.  It was a simple coincidence that we both share the same birthday.  I overheard her phone conversation with a friend.  It appeared as if she was offering her friend help.  It ended up being her ex-boyfriend.  We began to talk about her phone conversation with her ex-boyfriend.  I was a bit surprised to hear her say, she was still […] Continue Reading…

Mother’s Day Delight

Sunday is one of the best holidays of the year.  It was Mother’s Day.  I know most women spend the day with family, children and some friends.  This is the day when everyone wants to take them out to lunch to show them their appreciation and love.  This is the third year in a row that I have spent it with a woman who isn’t spending it with their children.  I’m not sure why that is, but I notice that it usually ends up to be a entertaining afternoon.
This year I spend the afternoon with AC35.  She’s 5′1″ tall woman with green eyes, long straight brown hair, and a great tan.  We decided to meet at Starbucks in Lewisville.  The weather was beautiful and sunny.  We both wanted to sit on the patio and enjoy the sunshine.  I enjoyed our conversation.  AC35 has been married 2 times.  The first relationship lasted for 14 years, and the second marriage only lasted 4 years.  She admits that the second relationship ended because of his infidelity.  AC35 is very free spirited.  She and I shared creative ideas for her tattoo.  She has 2 butterflies on her lower back.  Yes, the TRAMP STAMP.  They are sexy.  She wants to add the word ‘boss’ to it.  She claims to be the boss.  ha-ha.  We began to […] Continue Reading…

Monday Mojito’s

For the last couple days I’ve been texting LJ36.  We don’t get a chance to see each other often, but we communicate quite often.  I’ve always enjoyed spending time with her, even if it didn’t happen that often.  We’ve discussed going out at the end of the school year.  So I didn’t expect her to want to see me tonight.  I was surprised.  We decided to watch the Dallas Stars playoff hockey game.
She planned to come over after work.  It would be cheering for the Stars, eating and having drinks.  LJ36 didn’t care what the drink was, as long as it wasn’t beer.  I went to the liquor store to get rum, mojito mix and club soda.  When LJ36 got here I greeted her with a hug and a kiss.  The last time I saw her was on St. Patty’s Day.  The interesting thing with LJ36, we’ve never crossed the line sexually.  It’s not because we aren’t attracted to each other.  We’ve just never gone there.  I mention this because she wanted to let me know that she wasn’t planning on coming over for any ‘funky’ stuff.  From my past experience, when a woman mentions this it’s because she has it on her […] Continue Reading…

Change Is Coming

OK it’s not really a revelation.  It’s just me admitting to some things that I’ve ignored for years.  I will admit when I started writing a few months ago, I thought this would be easy.  Sure I have plenty of dates, plenty of funny stories and plenty of women to fill a encyclopedia.  The one thing I realize now is that all the things I chose to ignore and push out of my memory is now on my site for the world to see.
I have to acknowledge the events happened.  I have to admit to all the good and the bad.  I have to do the exact thing most people hate to do, wait for my readers criticize me.  I know that most of the things I do are things that some men do every day.  The only thing is, I’ve been doing it for years.  I’ve been doing it better than anyone that I know or heard about.  Yes, I’m a man-ho, man-whore, slut, player, or what ever you want to call me.  Recently I had a heart to heart conversation withMC31.  As a faithful reader, you know we have agreed to always tell each other the truth.  She […] Continue Reading…

Top 5 Booty Call Things To Do

This is part 2 from the Top 5 Booty Call Don’ts.  If you are going to enjoy a booty call I think you must follow this list also.
5.  Answer the phone –  Make sure you answer your phone when your boot call tries to contact you.  Booty calls are usually spontaneous.  There’s nothing worse than being in the mood and you can’t get in touch with your partner.  You might get some advance warning of availability, but when they want sex you need to be available or you’ll miss out.
4.  Bring protection – It doesn’t matter if the guy or the woman has it.  Protection is a must!  I personally believe the man should always have condoms.  What if he doesn’t have it?  The woman should always have a back up.  There’s no need to parent a love child because of one night you were horny.  There is also the issue of stds.  Take your health seriously and use protection.
3.  Get Wild –  Make sure that you’re comfortable enough with your booty call to be sexually expressive.  The goal is to have fun, so enjoy yourself.  Be vocal, be loud, be animated.  Don’t hold back.  If you want to try something new, this is the time to do it.  […] Continue Reading…

Fantasy Friday

Normally I don’t revel in someone else’s failure’s, but I must say I read something this week that was a total surprise.  I found out that one of my favorite Canadian singers is getting a divorce.
      Yes, Shania Twain is divorcing her producer husband.  I am more of a realist that a fantasy guy, but it some strange fantasy way I can add her back on my FFL list.  I think she has become better looking with age.  I have no idea what her soon to be ex-husband has done to piss her off.  They always say, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.  Just call me Captain Jack Sparrow, I’ll take Shania’s treasure any day.  Which brings me to another thought of the day.  If you’re rich, what kind of problems do you really have with your relationship?  I was listening to one of my favorite local radio talk shows Pugs and Kelly.  I have to agree with them.  If you’re rich, you have very little if any financial stress in your life.  You can buy practically anything you want.  You can travel any where you want to.  All you have to do is get along with your mate and have sex.  Let’s be […] Continue Reading…

The Bachelor, aka The Town Idiot

To the delight of many of my fellow bloggers, I watched the Bachelor season finale.  I know I complained to Rachel at Single Mom Seeking for being creating too much content off this season’s show, but I’m going to break my rule and give in to what I consider the ‘Town Idiot Award.”
 If you don’t follow the Bachelor, don’t worry I don’t either.  I have always found the concept of the show to be un-reality TV.  The two hours I wasted watching the final show, are gone forever.  There is so much for me to talk about I took some extra time to think it over.
Let me say Jason is the Town Idiot.  According to ABC’s website he was divorced 2 years ago.  He has a 3yr old son and is 32 yrs old.  Over the last 2 years he has been on the Bachelorette and now the Bachelor.  At this point, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that he’s jumping from one 3 ring circus to the next.  And his kid will pay the price.  Seriously, divorce can be one of the most emotional draining events.  Especially if you have young children.
Jason don’t jump out of a marriage, leave your young […] Continue Reading…