Fantasy Friday

Normally I don’t revel in someone else’s failure’s, but I must say I read something this week that was a total surprise.  I found out that one of my favorite Canadian singers is getting a divorce.

1      Yes, Shania Twain is divorcing her producer husband.  I am more of a realist that a fantasy guy, but it some strange fantasy way I can add her back on my FFL list.  I think she has become better looking with age.  I have no idea what her soon to be ex-husband has done to piss her off.  They always say, ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.  Just call me Captain Jack Sparrow, I’ll take Shania’s treasure any day.  Which brings me to another thought of the day.  If you’re rich, what kind of problems do you really have with your relationship?  I was listening to one of my favorite local radio talk shows Pugs and Kelly.  I have to agree with them.  If you’re rich, you have very little if any financial stress in your life.  You can buy practically anything you want.  You can travel any where you want to.  All you have to do is get along with your mate and have sex.  Let’s be honest.  If you weren’t having great sex with them, why get married?  So the fact is you have to be a real ass or bitch to not be able to get along.  Maybe this is another idea from my fantasy world, but if you both are rich most of your life revolves around recreational activities.  So what is there disagree about?  Vacation?  Dinner?  Maybe there’s something I’m missing.

Post your comments, I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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