Intimate Moments

Friday evening was a very busy and fun evening.  I decided to go 3 Forks for a glass of wine. Well, I ended up drinking 3 maybe 4 glasses before it was over.  I became engaged in conversation with a older guy who had younger date.  He was old enough to be her grandfather.  It was evident that he is the sugar daddy for several younger women.  But this one, Ashley is his favorite.  He was full of energy and conversation.

With the exception of chatting with me, their eyes remained focused on each other.  They experienced several intimate moments in a crowded bar.  It was fun to watch.  While I was there JP39 text me to meet up for drinks.  We decided in the spirit of Cinco De Mayo that we should go to On The Border In Frisco.  When I arrived, JP39 was sitting at the bar having 9a margarita.  I was standing there joking with her friend on the phone how I was going to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with a margarita and when Juneteenth comes we’re going to drink malt liquor.  Everyone around me at the bar was laughing.  So on the way to the restroom I met MC31 who was sitting behind us at a table.  MC31 is a attractive 31 year old, dark haired, green eyed woman and a smoker.  It appeared she was waiting on someone.  I told her, “your date needs to be on time before you decide to join our party”.  I wasn’t attempting to flirt, I was just being friendly.  Now this is where the evening gets interesting.  I decided to chat with 2 women on the way back from the men’s room.  SS35 and MD35 were very nice.  Some how we began to chat about  They began to read the site on their phones.  Of course, they found my opinions interesting.  MD35 is married and SS35 is single.  I asked them both if they’ve ever dated a black man before.  They answered NO.  Their family would kill them. haha  It was about this time when MC31 and JP39 decided to move to the patio.  I stayed behind to continue the conversation.  We discussed general relationship topics and shared our thoughts.  We even discussed sex toys, past sexual partners, and booty calls.  After 45 minutes of chatting I went to the patio to join JP39.  I was immediately verbally attacked by MC31.  ”You’re a asshole and a dick!  I know your type”  I smiled, “Yes I am a asshole and a dick” I replied.  I’ve never denied being either one at times.  Somehow she felt that I disrespected JP39 by spending time socializing with other people.  Her line of reasoning is… I’m a attractive guy, I’m arrogant, and I can do what I want.  She claimed she hated everything I stand for.  Well my question is, What do I stand for?  I attempted to explain that it’s not about my looks, it’s not about my arrogance, and it’s more than she even dreamed of.  She even accused me of not showing JP39 any attention.  This went on for 10 minutes while other people tried to calm her and explain to her that it’s not her place to hold judgement.  So here’s my question, What is a intimate moment?  Is it spending 3 hours on a dinner date?  Can it be a kiss in Time Square? Could it be just eye contact across a crowded room?  Maybe it’s a soft touch on the cheek.  Well it could be all of those and more.  Intimate moments don’t always consist of sexual moments.  Intimate moments come in many shapes, colors, languages and forms.  What maybe intimate one time may not be the next time.  The intimate moments I spend with JP39 is not the same type of intimate moments that I share with any one else.  Chances are that JP39 wouldn’t appreciate the same type of moments that another date would.  Why?  JP39 is a individual.  We’re all unique individuals.  We have different likes, dislikes, pleasures and pains.  So when JP39 told MC31 that she had judged me all wrong, why did this make matters worse with MC31?  I believe that somehow my actions triggered a memory of bad experience.  For someone to proclaim, “I know your type”, there has to be a past experience.  MC31 has adamantly denied that and wouldn’t elaborate how she felt she knew my type.

At the end of the night I learned something from MC31. Intimate moments can only be judged by those that are sharing the moments with you.  As much as you enjoy someones company, it’s impossible to monopolize their time.  It’s those short, brief intimate moments that will make you smile.  Enjoy the memory of the moments.  The memory will last a lifetime.

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